Nannuka gets faster

Nannuka gets faster

A few days ago Cloudflare expanded their CDN, adding servers to Athens, Greece, resulting in getting faster!

But what is Cloudflare, and what it has to do with Nannuka?

When you visit a website, it gets downloaded to your browser from a web server that can be anywhere in the World, and depending on it’s distance from your actual location, there is always a small delay, as the data travels between countries. For example, Nannuka‘s content comes from our servers in Germany, and users looking for babysitters in Athens, Greece or Italy download this content a little slower than a user in Germany.

To fix this problem, there are the (Content Delivery Networks). They are networks of servers distributed in major cities all over the world. They save the content of websites like Nannuka, so when a user tries to see this content, instead of downloading it from it’s original location, he downloads it from the nearest location, resulting in lower waiting time.

Cloudflare is one of the largest CDN in the world, spanning 100 unique cities across 49 countries. Every new Cloudflare data center improves the performance, security and reliability of millions of websites, as they expand their surface area to fight growing attacks and serve web requests even closer to the Internet user. uses cloudflare’s services and we can really see the difference.

Cloudflare’s services are not only about speed. They also offer great security features, as they defend our network from malicius attacks, that could affect our website and put our customers in danger.

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